Birthday Riddles 🎂 in 2024

Why was the pig in the kitchen on its birthday?

How can you tell if a birthday cake is sad?

What’s something you get for your birthday every year, aside from cake and presents?

Why was the soccer player upset on his birthday?

What did the tiger say to her cub on his birthday?

Why did the student eat their homework?

Why are birthdays good for your health?

Why did the robber break into the bakery?

What food can someone blow on, but everyone still wants to eat?

Why did the cupcake go to the doctor’s office?

What kind of music is bad for balloons?

What does a turtle do on its birthday?

How do pickles celebrate their birthdays?

What does every birthday end with?

What song do you sing a Snowman on his birthday?

Why did the birthday girl feel so warm at her birthday party?

How come you didn’t get me a birthday present?

Why is a birthday cake like playing baseball?

What did one candle say to the other?

What do you say to a kangaroo on their birthday?