Rhyming Riddles 🎶 in 2023

Red, orange, yellow and green. The king could never reach me, and not even the queen. Blue and violet also are seen, some shading between.

You use me from your head to toe, the more I work, the smaller I grow.

The more I appear, the less you’ll see. Riddle me this then, what could I be?

I draw a picture with my tip, if you don’t know the answer, I could get bit. I break a lot, and get a bit dull, one day there will be nothing left of me – nada, null.

A precious stone, as clear as diamond.
Seek it out while the sun’s near the horizon.
Though you can walk on water with its power,
try to keep it, and it’ll vanish in an hour.

I’m found on people’s faces, I’m something you wear, I help correct your eyesight and I come in a pair.

I can be quick and then I’m deadly,
I am a rock, shell and bone medley.
If I was made into a man, I’d make people dream,
I gather in my millions By ocean, sea and stream.

I am beautiful, up in the sky.
I am magical, yet I cannot fly.
To people I bring luck, to some people, riches.
The boy at my end does whatever he wishes.
What am I?

It starts at the earth’s end and brink,
Filled with water you can’t drink.
Has a color, just like ink,
Walk into it and you’ll sink.

It cannot be seen, it cannot be felt,
Cannot be heard, cannot be smelt,
Lies behind stars and under hills,
and empty holes it fills.
Comes first follows after,
Ends life kills laughter.

I have legs but seldom walk;
I backbite many but never talk;
I seek places that can hide me
because those that feed me cannot abide me.

I am tiny, but in me the power lies to change my form and substance to much bigger size.

I touch the Earth and sky. If I touch you, you’ll probably die.

Dinner plates and lots of coins, pizza bases and rings. It’s also the letter that comes after N, what shape are all of these things?

They made me a mouth, but didn’t give me breath.
Water gives me life, but the sun brings me death.

As soft as silk, as white as milk,
as bitter as gall, a thick green wall,
and a green coat covers me all.

I can be all colours or no colour at all, sometimes I’m empty, and others I’m full.

Buzzing little hummer, I’m busy all summer. No time to shirk, no man is able to do my work.

I’m a little fuzzball you keep in a cage, I look young forever, no matter my age. I’m a bit like a rat but my cheeks are more fat.

A stallion is the male of me, a female’s called a mare. You might get to ride me on the carousel at the fair.