Rhyming Riddles 🎶 in 2023

Red, orange, yellow and green. The king could never reach me, and not even the queen. Blue and violet also are seen, some shading between.

You use me from your head to toe, the more I work, the smaller I grow.

The more I appear, the less you’ll see. Riddle me this then, what could I be?

I draw a picture with my tip, if you don’t know the answer, I could get bit. I break a lot, and get a bit dull, one day there will be nothing left of me – nada, null.

I’m found on people’s faces, I’m something you wear, I help correct your eyesight and I come in a pair.

A precious stone, as clear as diamond.
Seek it out while the sun’s near the horizon.
Though you can walk on water with its power,
try to keep it, and it’ll vanish in an hour.

I can be quick and then I’m deadly,
I am a rock, shell and bone medley.
If I was made into a man, I’d make people dream,
I gather in my millions By ocean, sea and stream.

Dinner plates and lots of coins, pizza bases and rings. It’s also the letter that comes after N, what shape are all of these things?

It starts at the earth’s end and brink,
Filled with water you can’t drink.
Has a color, just like ink,
Walk into it and you’ll sink.

I have legs but seldom walk;
I backbite many but never talk;
I seek places that can hide me
because those that feed me cannot abide me.

As soft as silk, as white as milk,
as bitter as gall, a thick green wall,
and a green coat covers me all.

I can be all colours or no colour at all, sometimes I’m empty, and others I’m full.

I am tiny, but in me the power lies to change my form and substance to much bigger size.

I touch the Earth and sky. If I touch you, you’ll probably die.

I am beautiful, up in the sky.
I am magical, yet I cannot fly.
To people I bring luck, to some people, riches.
The boy at my end does whatever he wishes.
What am I?

They made me a mouth, but didn’t give me breath.
Water gives me life, but the sun brings me death.

It cannot be seen, it cannot be felt,
Cannot be heard, cannot be smelt,
Lies behind stars and under hills,
and empty holes it fills.
Comes first follows after,
Ends life kills laughter.

Buzzing little hummer, I’m busy all summer. No time to shirk, no man is able to do my work.

I’m a little fuzzball you keep in a cage, I look young forever, no matter my age. I’m a bit like a rat but my cheeks are more fat.

A stallion is the male of me, a female’s called a mare. You might get to ride me on the carousel at the fair.

I’m the smallest unit, need I say more? There’s nothing else to it.

By moon or sun, I’ll always be found, but I am undone if no light is around.

I have an eye but cannot see,
You’ll head inside when you see me.

We are little airy creatures,
all of different voice and features,
one of us in glass is set.
One of us you’ll find in jet.
Another you may see in tin.
And the fourth a box within.
If the fifth you should pursue,
it can never fly from you.
What are we?

An utensil used for bread.
Also a paper cutter.
Used by a thug to take a life,
Or wielded by the tamest wife,
When used to spread the butter.

I’m jumpy and nervous;

I’m a verb’s sense of time;

I’m covering the campers;

With ‘sense’ we’re a rhyme.

A wall I can be,

Cast out to sea;

A classmate or teammate;

To look narrowly.

I am not a pillow,

Though we rhyme so well;

I’m more apt to weep

If I’m feeling well.

I get stamped but no foot is pressed on me. Inside me, you place letters for mail delivery.

I hide what’s real and conceal what’s true, at times I bring out the courage in you.

If your windows upstairs are dirty, and outside they must be cleaned, you’ll use me to climb up and reach them, once against the wall I’m leaned.

I live in oceans, rivers and seas. I float when I’m cold, when I’m hot I’m free.

Not for an elephant, or one for clothes but I’m a trunk and I grow and grow.

Although I’m made of blades, I am something that loves to grow. I’m not sharp like a razor, I am something you can mow.

You will hear it rumble after flashes of lightening. They named it after Thor who’s the Norse God of this thing.

I’m warm and fuzzy but I don’t cuddle. Spot me then run (even through puddles). I’m brown, or black, and even grizzly. I’ll gobble up your barbecue if your sausages are sizzly.

In a tree I will move as slow as can be, my name is a sin yet from them I’m free.

Fast on my feet, driving dogs mad. My tail flicks when I’m angry, I hum if I’m glad.

I like to hop around on my four green feet, but sadly it’s my legs, that French people love to eat.

You’ll find me at the bend, or in a triangle at the end.

Surfaces? Of those I have six, Each is exactly the same, you won’t find a mix.

I’m not gas or a solid, but something more unique, I’m the water you find flowing through a river or creek.

I make people fear, and it’s been said I come out of your ears. Quiet as a mouse, and not welcome in the house.

Reaching stiffly for the sky, I bare my fingers when its cold.
In warmth I wear an emerald glove and in between I dress in gold.

I am the fountain from which no one can drink.
For many I am considered a necessary link.
Like gold to all I am sought for,
but my continued death brings wealth for all to want more.

They try to beat me, they try in vain.
And when I win, I end the pain

It stands upright and can be quite grand.
Its secret is not hidden but right at hand.
What is it?

I am the third from a sparkle bright,
I thrive throughout the day and night.
Deep in the path of a cows white drink.
I’ve had thousands of millions of years to think.
But one of my creatures is killing me.
And so the question I ask to thee,
is who am I?

This mother comes from a family of eight,
Supports her children in spite of their weight,
Turns around without being called,
Has held you since the time you crawled.

By Moon or by Sun, I shall be found.
Yet I am undone, if there’s no light around.

This thing all things devours,
Birds, beasts, trees, and flowers.
Gnaws iron bites steel,
Grinds hard stones to meal,
Slays king, ruins town,
And beats high mountain down

My first is in window but not in pane.
My second’s in road but not in lane.
My third is in oval but not in round.
My fourth is in hearing but not in sound.
My whole is known as a sign of peace.
And from noah’s ark won quick release.

It’s small but larger than a bee,
And agile as a flea.
It humms but does not buzz,
And it’s not covered with fuzz.
It is a small collector,
Of juicy flower nectar.

When it shines, its light is hazy.
Makes the oceans swell like crazy.
It makes moods seem more romantic,
But it makes the ladies frantic.

A warrior amongst the flowers, he bears a thrusting sword.
He uses it whenever he must, to defend his golden hoard.

They make no sense at all,
In them you either fly or fall.
They make you do it all.
Their need is biologic,
but they are most illogic.
They are not real but still can be achieved,
If they are just believed.

My first is second in line;
I send shivers up your spine;
not quite shining bright
I glitter in the light.

With ‘cu’ I’m a veggie,

A friend of tomato;

With ‘en’ I’m a bother,

A real leaden weight-o.

I chatter away

When ‘pie’s’ in my name;

With ‘net’ I call pull you,

No force can refrain.

Picasso’s homeland

Twist your ankle

A flying vessel of transport

Large long legged, long necked bird

Opposite of crazy

I am very thin and flat, on a branch I shall be found. When I’m from a deciduous, you’ll find me falling on the ground.

If someone’s floating out of doors, their arms and feet are in motion. There is going to be a good chance they’re swimming in the _______.

I’m the biggest mammal in the sea, most other fish let me be. I can shoot water from my head, when I sleep I need no bed.

Can you see me? Usually you can’t. I can surround you though, and surround your aunt!

I can be cracked, and also played. I’m sometimes told, and often made.

My first, though water, cures no thirst,
My next alone has soul,
And when he lives upon my first,
He then is called my whole.

It floats over the land,
It cuts the tallest mountain,
Its voice is like a fountain,
Its body like a snake,
Will flow into a lake.

I am small, but, when entire,
of force to set a town on fire;
Let but one letter disappear,
I then can hold a herd of deer;
Take one more off, and then you’ll find
I once contained all human kind.

Used to wield power and glory, yet results were rather gorey,
When it wrote our human story.
In the eyes of wiser men, it is weaker than a pen.

My first is in ocean but never in sea.
My second’s in wasp but never in bee.
My third is in glider and also in flight.
My whole is a creature that comes out at night.

They keep secrets locked away.
And you pass through them each day.
For each one there is a key,
They respond to sesame.

They belong to me; they belong to you;
They can make you feel happy or make you feel blue;
They never end until the day you do

I am killer of trees but people need me.
I can be blown away by a breeze
and I have been here since ancient Greece.
What am I?

A hundred years I once did live,
and often wholesome food did give,
yet all that time I ne’er did roam,
so much as a half a mile from my home,
my days were spent devoid of strife,
until at last I lost my life.
And since my death – I pray give ear,
I oft have traveled far and near.

It gets passed among men and builds without growing.
It serves to injure from a source unknowing.
What is it?

Halo of water, tongue of wood.
Skin of stone, long I’ve stood.
My fingers short reach to the sky.
Inside my heart men live and die.

It holds most knowledge that has ever been said.
But is not the brain, is not the head.
To feathers and their masters, it’s both bane and boon.
One empty, and one full.

At the end of my yard there is a vat,
four-and-twenty ladies dancing in that;
Some in green gowns, and some with blue hat;
He is a wise man who can tell me that

I lack much reason, but often rhyme,
And require logic to pass the time,
To get the words to tell your kin,
Look for clues that lie within,
Though all are different, they act the same,
The answer is practically in the name.

Small, containing light,
You’ll need it in the dark,
It will provide that spark,
and shine into the night.
Will light up any pyre,
‘Cause it can help make a fire.

When liquid splashes me, none seeps through.
When I am moved a lot, liquid I spew.
When I am hit, color I change.
And color, I come in quite a range.
What I cover is very complex,
And I am very easy to flex.

Having an excessively high opinion of one’s own

What we use to think

You can see my effects, yet I’ll never be seen, I come after cross, whirl and wood and come before mill, sock and screen.

You saw me where I couldn’t be, yet often you do see me

I’m tall in the morning and short in the noon.
I disappear at night but I will be back soon.

Not fancy

My children are near and far.
No matter that I know where they are.
The gift I give them make their day.
But if I were gone they would wander away.

A type of lettuce