Superhero Riddles 🦸 in 2023

What does Batgirl wear to bed?

My name comes from Norse mythology and I fight for justice using a heavy hammer with the Avengers. Who am I?

Why couldn’t Robin play baseball?

What do you call a computer hero?

I swing from webs and can shoot them from my hands. Who am I?

What does Spiderman do for a living?

I am the king of Wakanda and use my superhuman strength and speed to help fight against evil. Who am I?

What do you call Clark Kent with diarrhea?

What’s the difference between Batman and a robber?

Why are all Superman costumes tigh?

How many caped crusaders does it take to change a light-bulb?

I’m the first Muslim character to have their very own Marvel comic! Who am I?

What does Spiderman do for a living?

Its black, furry and flies about
Try not to be scared if you can
It likes to hang out upside down
And Bruce Wayne is this type of man

Who am I?

What are more mink skins used for than anything else? (Joker)

What would you find in Superman’s bathroom?

What is Doc Ock’s favorite month?

How does Batman’s mother call him to dinner

What is Spider-Man’s favorite month?

What is Thor’s favorite food?