Christmas Riddles 🎄 in 2024

I am a colored strip used to decorate your tree, metallic and shiny you will find me. What am I?

People hang this, but it is not a picture. It is green in color, but it is not a coat. It is a plant, but it is not a mint. It is seen mostly in December, but it is not the Christmas tree. What is it?

Why did the Little Drummer Boy invite a chicken to join his band?

You wait for me all year round, yet I just end up looking like a giant sock. What am I?

You might make me this Christmas so that you can stuff me your face. A cake, icing, candy, and an edible dwelling place. What am I?

Dropping from the sky
More beautiful than rain
There are no two pieces
That’ll ever look the same
What am I?

I am a catchy carol and a tune that likes to rhyme,
I contain 12 gifts that come around Christmas time.
What am I?

When going around the world, I can find the way. I go to every country while helping pull Santa’s sleigh. What am I?

I’m a favorite saint, beloved by kids. I ride on a sleigh that is loaded with gifts. Who am I?

When Santa Claus sets off from the North Pole during Christmas Eve, in which direction does he usually travel?

What is the best Christmas gift you could get?

I am a plant seen every Christmas which people hang up above and then they stand beneath me and kiss someone they love. What am I?

We traveled from the East, following a bright star, bringing gifts to the newborn King. Who were we?

These are what Santa likes to eat. At every house he stops, he’s looking for this treat. What are these?

You will buy me to eat, but you will never eat me. Not even during Christmas. What am I?

It has a body with brown arms, white eyes, and funny feet. You might love to eat this too. What is it?

Shiny and bright, these colorful strings light up the night. What are they?

What is a parent’s favorite Christmas carol?

How do Christmas bells tell you they want to stay in touch?

What do you have after all the Christmas gifts have been opened?