Stupid Riddles 💩 in 2024

If six children and two dogs were under an umbrella, how come none of them got wet?

I am a word with more than 100 letters in it. What am I?

I am known as a fruit but take out the first letter and the second letter, and you’ll call me an animal, and if you take away my first and last letters, I’ll be a musical genre. Who am I?

Why was Karl Marx buried at Highgate Cemetery in London?

Why did the volcano get a fine?

Why are chefs mean?

What did the baseball glove say to the baseball?

What does absolutely everything end in?

Why didn’t the cheetah buy a car?

What do you call a dog with no legs?

What is a racket’s favorite veggie?

What do you get when you cross a fish with an elephant?

What do you get when you cross a frog with a rabbit?

How does the grim reaper like his coffee?

What do you call a fly with no wings?

I went into the woods and got it. I sat down to seek it. I brought it home with me because I couldn’t find it.

As a whole I am both safe and secure. Behead me and I become a place of meeting. Behead me again and I am the partner of ready. Restore me and I become the domain of beasts. What am I?

A plane crashed brutally with just a few survivors. It landed on the India-Pakistan border. Where did they bury the survivors?

In a one-storied pink house, everything in the house is pink in color. The lamp, the floor, the sofa, the TV and the kitchen too. So what color are the stairs?

They have eight fingers. They also have a pair of thumbs. But they aren’t alive. What are they?