Best Riddles For Kids & Adults In 2022📰

My start goes on toast, and my end’s how birds move. My baby eats leaves but I drink flowers

What has legs, but does not walk?

After a train crashed, every single person died. Who survived?

What did the paper clip say to the magnet?

It is round in shape and rhymes with sing, and can be found on a girl’s fingers. What shape is it?

What did the snowman order at Wendy’s?

81 x 9 = 801. What do you need to do to make this equation true?

What colour chicks would hatch from brown and white rooster eggs?

In the Harry Potter Series, his Patronus was a phoenix. He was the Hogwarts headmaster up to and including book six. Who was he?

What should you say if your family begs to stop telling Thanksgiving riddles?

It is given, 66=2, 0=1, 8=2, 8321=2, 89=3, 88=4, then what does 889216 equal to?

It takes me two weeks to digest food, but then again, I’m not noted for being fast. What am I?

You are trapped in a haunted house with two of your best friends for the night. A sudden snowstorm overtook the creepy home. All the doors and windows have become barricaded with piles of snow. You and your friends need to find a way to keep warm or you will all die. After searching the entire haunted home you guys found three stoves! A coal stove, a wood stove, and a gas stove, but you’ve only found one match. Which one should you light first to survive the night?

I’m light as a feather, yet the strongest man can’t hold me for five minutes. What am I?

What can never be put in a saucepan?

What day do chickens fear the most?

What happens when a husband asks his wife for a Segway as his birthday present?

Which word in the dictionary is spelled incorrectly?

What did the owl say to his Valentine?

I am a body with a leg, an arm, and a head, but I look like I am naked and bare. What am I?

I hide my treasure in the ground,
And dig it out in winter.
You might spot me in a tree,
Eating my nutty dinner.

What did the train say to his Valentine?

Inside an egg, my song sits waiting, for you to hear it while you are bathing. Who am I?

What did the boy bird say to the girl bird on Valentines Day?

There is a word in the English language in which the first two letters signify a male, the first three letters signify a female, the first four signify a great man, and the whole word, a great woman.
What is the word?

What is the difference between a jeweler and a jailer?

Why are 1999 ten-pound notes worth more than 1993 ten-pound notes?

Tom is younger than Dave but older than Jill. Lou is older than Sally who is older than Tom. Dave is older than Lou. Who is the middle child?

A girl buys a dozen eggs and, on the way home, all but seven break. How many eggs are left unbroken?

A dead female body lies at the bottom of a multistory building. It looks as though she committed suicide by jumping from one of the floors.

When the detective arrives, he goes to the first floor of the building, opens the closed window, and flips a coin towards the floor. He goes to the second floor and does the exact same thing. He continues to do this until he gets to the top floor of the building.

When he comes back down, he states that it was a murder and not a suicide. How does he know that?

I was a gift from the French, and stand tall on an island
I welcome visitors with a strong hand in the sky
I may be green, but I’m dressed in copper from head to toe
An iconic piece of New York history, with a famous face you definitely know
Who am I?

Why is Santa really good at karate?

It is a three-digit number; the digit on the tens place value is 6 more than the digit on the place value of ones. The digit on the hundreds place value is 8 less than the tens digit. What is the number?

I added 5 to 9; it was 2; just to cross-check, I started counting again from 9 and again got 2. The answer is correct; how?

I can make people happy, I can make people cry. I can make people want me, and I can drive people crazy. What am I?

This is the doorway to a magical place, the beginning of all the mystery. Once you go inside it, you get to meet talking trees and animals and mighty Aslan. What is it?

What kind of boat does a vampire travel in?

When is a door not a door?

I make you cry but I am not human, I am alive until you start chew’en

What is at the end of the rainbow?

What do you call Clark Kent with diarrhea?

It can be seen, it can be felt, but it never heard, and never smelt. It comes every day at the end of time, and witches and Dracula love it cause now it’s their time. What is it?

Mrs. Smith had less than 20 pieces of candy left to give to trick or treaters and she wanted to give them all away. Two trick or treaters arrived and she wanted to share the candy evenly between them, but when she tried to do this, there was one piece leftover. A third trick or treater arrived, so Mrs. Smith decided she would share the candy between all three of them. But when she tried to share them evenly, there was still one piece left. Finally, a fourth trick or treater arrived and Mrs. Smith attempted to share the candy between all four children. But she still had one piece leftover! How many pieces of candy did Mrs. Smith have?

What type of Pokémon are Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin and Elvis be?

What is bigger than an elephant yet weighs nothing.

A man was driving a black truck. His lights were not on. The moon was not out. A lady was crossing the street. How did the man see her?

I am a unit of chemical elements, but I can never be trusted. What am I?

I always leave a trace, so you can see where I’ve been. I have some extra legs, and I make people scream. What am I?

I am a helpful creature
not too big and not too small
Out of all my fellow reindeer
I’m the fastest of them all.
Who am I?

A boy and his father are caught in a traffic accident, and the father dies.
Immediately the boy is rushed to a hospital, suffering from injuries.
But the attending surgeon at the hospital, upon seeing the boy, says ‘I cannot operate. This boy is my son.’

How is this situation explained ?

Every day, a woman was seen crossing the border carrying bags of sand on a motorbike. After some time, the border police become suspicious and stop her, but found she only had sand on her, so they let her go. What was the woman smuggling across the border?

What is something you can put in your pocket that keeps it empty?

Andy is put in a cell with a dirt floor and only one window. The window is too high for him to reach. The only thing in the cell is a shovel. He won’t be able to get any food or water and only has two days to escape or he’ll die. Andy can’t dig a tunnel because it will take him much longer than two days to do it. How will Andy escape from the cell?

It starts with A and ends with the same, and calculated while painting a wall. What is it?

Iron roof, glass walls Burns and burns And never falls.

Billy was born on December 28th, yet his birthday is always in the summer.
How is this possible?

Who keeps the ocean clean?

The thunder comes before the lightning; the lightning comes before the clouds. The rain dries everything it touches. What am I?

You are given three positive numbers. You can add these numbers and multiply them together.
The result you get will be the same. What are the numbers?

I can be cracked, I can be made. I can be told, I can be played. What am I?

Railroad crossing, watch out of cars. Can you spell that without any “r’s”?

How does Harry Potter listen to music?

What did the teacher say when the horse walked into the class?

What has a neck but no head and arms but no hands?

I can fill up a room without taking any space what am I?

A type of lettuce

What runs around the whole yard without moving?

The more you take, the more you leave behind. What am I?

A girl and a boy were out one night. They were in the woods, and they saw 3 men hunting. Next day the girl and boy were found dead. Why is this?

Not there yesterday, and also not there tomorrow night. Opened up on the eve, sharing hope and love on yuletide. What is it?

An elderly woman lived alone in her house by the suburbs. She rarely left the house and knew only a few people. One Friday morning, the mailman called out for the woman but didn’t receive a prompt answer as usual. Upon peeking in through the window, the mailman realized that the woman was murdered. The police investigated the house and found Tuesday’s newspaper by the dead body. Also, by the door outside, there were three unopened bottles of milk, one of which had gone bad.
The police arrested the killer the very next day. How did they figure out so quickly?

It has four fingers and a thumb but isn’t alive. What is it?

My hair and my smile

Are my most prominent features,

I competed in a tournament

With three male seekers.

Who am I?

I live in Africa, and from tall trees I peck. I am mostly just well known for my extremely long neck.

What has many hearts but no other organs?

What dessert do Spiritombs like the most?

If you drop me I’m sure to crack, but give me a smile and I’ll always smile back. What am I?

What do you get if you cross a parrot with a shark?

What is so delicate that saying its name breaks it?

A woman shoots her husband and then holds him underwater for five minutes. Next, she hangs him but right after, they enjoy a nice dinner together. How is this possible?

What does Santa Claus use when he has trouble walking?

What word is right when pronounced wrong, but is wrong when pronounced right?

Why didn’t the turkey want to eat on Christmas?

A girl, at the funeral of her mother, met a guy whom she did not know. The girl fell for the guy and wanted to contact him. She looks for him but couldn’t find him. A few days later she kills her sister. What did she do that?

A few days later she kills her sister. What did she do that?

A girl has as many brothers as sisters, but each brother has only half as many brothers as sisters. How many brothers and sisters are there in the family?

What’s always in front of you but cannot be seen?

What is wicked, homeless, white and goes up and down?

Two fathers and two sons are in a car, yet there are only three people in the car. How?

What do you call a father who was kidnapped in Iraq?

What goes in your pocket but keeps it empty?

Past mountain, meadow, field, and hill, it follows a river while standing still

Amongst two sisters, the first one gives birth to the other and she further gives birth to the first. Who are they?

Where’s Spiderman’s home page?

It roars its challenge,
And I respond.
It takes my abuse,
And goes beyond.
Filled with liquid,
In my hurried haste,
I wield my staff,
In this turgid race.
But once I have vanquished,
The mighty foe,
I float like a thistle,
While moving ever so slow.
What are we talking about really?

There are 3 apples for 2 sons and 2 fathers to eat. Each of them gets their own apple. How is it numerically possible?

A full bus was traveling over a bridge. No one gets off the bus, but when it gets to the other side there isn’t a single person left. How is this possible?

A poor miller living with his daughter comes onto hard times and is not able to pay his rent. His evil landlord threatens to evict them unless the daughter marries him.

The daughter, not wanting to marry the landlord but fearing that her father won’t be able to take being evicted, suggests the following proposition to the landlord. He will put two stones, one white and one black, into a bag in front of the rest of the townspeople. She will pick one stone out of the bag. If she picks the white stone, the landlord will forgive their debt and let them stay, but if she picks the black stone, she will marry the landlord, and her father will be evicted anyway.

The landlord agrees to the proposal. Everybody meets in the center of the town. The landlord picks up two stones to put in the bag, but the daughter notices that he secretly picked two black stones.

She is about to reveal his deception but realizes that this would embarrass him in front of the townspeople, and he would evict them. She quickly comes up with another plan. What can she do that will allow the landlord save face, while also ensuring that she and her father can stay and that she won’t have to marry the landlord?

I’m at the beginning of the end and the start of eternity, at the end of time and space, in the middle of yesterday but nowhere in tomorrow. What am I?

Your mom and dad each gave you 23 of these threadlike strands and they helped to make you who you are today

I’ve a crown on my head like a king, but sound a disgrace when I sing. I’ve fewer eyes on my face than my tail, especially when I’m a male

What did Adam say the night before Christmas?

Why do mummies like Christmas so much?

Which word is the odd one out: First, Second, Third, Forth, Fifth, Sixth, Seventh, and Eighth?

It is three times nine and one less than the days in the month of February. What is the number?

What eight-letter word remains a word as you keep removing one letter from it?

What can never be eaten at Thanksgiving dinner?

I can fly, but I am not a bird. I am colorful, but I am not a rainbow. I am beautiful and social, but I am not a person. What am I?

A word I know, six letters it contains, remove one letter and 12 remains, what is it?

I sleep upside down and I fly through the night. I live in dark places and I don’t have good eyesight. What am I?

I am always hungry, I must always be fed. The finger I lick will soon turn red.

A girl throws a ball as hard as she can. It comes back to her, even though nothing and nobody touches it. How?

It goes up and down the stairs without moving.

I can be cracked, I can be made. I can be told, I can be played. What am I?

His name starts with H and ends with R; he is friends with Hagrid and lives in Hogwarts. This boy wizard amazes everyone with his magical powers. Who is he?

At night they come without being fetched, and by day they are lost without being stolen

Which word that begins with the letter I, and by adding the letter A, becomes another word that is pronounced the same?

There’s a one-story house in which everything is yellow. Yellow walls, yellow doors, yellow furniture. What color are the stairs?

What has feathers and a beak but is dressed?

What has to be broken before you can use it?

What has many keys but can’t open a single lock?

A rope made of metal links

This thing all things devour: birds, beasts, trees, flowers; gnaws iron, bites steel; grinds hard stones to meal; slays kings, ruins towns; and beats high mountains down.

What did the boy pickle say to the girl pickle on Valentines Day?

What can never be eaten at Thanksgiving dinner?

The person who makes it has no need of it; the person who buys it has no use for it. The person who uses it can neither see nor feel it. What is it?

When your mother asked your father to put the cat out last night, what was Dad’s response?

A father told his three sons he would die soon and he needed to decide which one of them to give his property to. He said, “Go to the market and buy something that is large enough to fill my bedroom, but small enough to fit in your pocket. From this, I will decide which of you is the wisest and worthy enough to inherit my land.” They all went to the market, and each came back with a different item. The father told his sons to come into his bedroom one at a time and try to fill up his bedroom with their item. The first son came in and put some pieces of cloth he bought and laid them across the room, but it barely covered the floor. The second son came in and laid some hay on the floor, but there was only enough to cover half the floor. The third son came in and showed his father what he bought. He wound up getting the property. What did the third son show his father?

Which part of the street do vampires live on?

Number one is hydrogen. Twenty-five is manganese. Sodium is eleven. What list contains all of these?

What is as big as an elephant, but weighs nothing at all?

Who is that with a neck and no head, two arms and no hands?

What has five eyes, but cannot see?

What’s the first thing elves learn at school?

How would you be able to call a pet squash?

A man was driving his truck. His lights weren’t on. The moon was not out. There were no streetlights. Up ahead, a woman was crossing the street. Luckily, the truck driver stopped in time—how did he see her?

Distances from you to certain cities are written below.
BERLIN 200 miles
PARIS 300 miles
ROME 400 milesAMSTERDAM 300 miles
CARDIFF ??? miles
How far should it be to Cardiff ?

If a Jack O’ lantern has the candle and a witch has a broom, what would a vampire have?

Two batsman each on 94 runs. Seven runs needed to win in last 3 balls. Both make 100*. How?

What is black when you buy it, red when you use it, and white when you are done with it?

What’s a pumpkin’s favorite sport?

A farmer has a bag of corn, a hen, and a fox. He has to cross a river, but his boat is only big enough to carry one thing with him. If the hen is left with the corn, she will eat it. If the hen is left with the fox, the fox will eat the hen. How can the farmer get all the three things across the river?

What did the guy squirrel say to the girl squirrel?

Why does a giraffe drink more water in January than in February?

I am never exactly what I appear to be. I may seem straight forward, but I’m afraid that is only skin deep. Mystery most often lies beneath my simple words. Sharpen your wits, and open your eyes. Read me backwards, forwards, upside down. Look beyond my exteriors and answer this simple question. What am I?

I can be quick and then I’m deadly,
I am a rock, shell and bone medley.
If I was made into a man, I’d make people dream,
I gather in my millions By ocean, sea and stream.

I am a word. If you pronounce me rightly, it will be wrong. If you pronounce me wrong it is right. What word am I?

How do snowglobes feel about Christmas?

What has four wheels and flies?

Mr. and Ms. Mustard have six daughters and each daughter has one brother. How many people are in the Mustard family?

I call the trees my home, yet I never go inside, and if I ever fall off the tree I will surely be dead.

Can you figure out the logic I used to decide the order of the following words:

gun, shoe, spree, door, hive, kicks, heaven, gate, line, den

There are two fathers and two sons in a car. How many people are in the car?

What word is always pronounced wrong?

A man carrying two bags of sand on his bicycle, crosses the border everyday. Custom officers regularly check the bags, and all the time, they contain sand. It is obvious that this man is smuggling something, but the officers can’t realize what it is. As they have no proof, the man always crosses the border without interruptions. What does he smuggle?

What room doesn’t have any windows?

It’s something I spy with my little eye. I’m an orange squash that is baked in a pie. What am I?

Whats a sheep’s favorite game?

What we use to think

What do you get when you cross a black cat and a lemon?

What did the Gingerbread Man put on top of his bed?

Using only addition, how can you add eight 8’s to get the number 1,000?

What peels like an onion but still remains whole?

I live in the ocean.
I have eight legs, two big claws and a tail.
My body has a hard shell.
I eat anything I can find.
What am I?

They make no sense at all,
In them you either fly or fall.
They make you do it all.
Their need is biologic,
but they are most illogic.
They are not real but still can be achieved,
If they are just believed.

It is red and white, it is moving in circles, and it is red and white again, and red and white. What is it?

A happily married couple goes on holiday and locks their house up, with careful instructions for their neighbor to look after the house. The wife hides her jewelry in a very safe place, but when she comes back, it’s gone. Why?

Why couldn’t the panda make up his mind?

One morning an airline president is leaving on a business trip and finds he left some paperwork at his office. He runs into his office to get it and the night watchman stops him and says, “Sir, don’t get on the plane. I had a dream last night that the plane would crash and everyone would die!”
The man takes his word and cancels his trip. Sure enough, the plane crashes and everyone dies. The next morning the man gives the watchman a $1,000 reward for saving his life and then fires him.
Why did he fire the watchman that saved his life?

A warrior amongst the flowers, he bears a thrusting sword.
He uses it whenever he must, to defend his golden hoard.

I am an odd number. Take away a letter and I become even. What number am I?

The more you take the more you leave behind. What are they?

Why should you never date a tennis player?

The next place you can look,
Is somewhere you may find a book

In a one-story pink house, there was a pink person, a pink cat, a pink fish, a pink computer, a pink chair, a pink table, a pink telephone, a pink shower– everything was pink! What color were the stairs?

Why did the man propose to his Korean crush?

How can you throw a ball as hard as you can only to have it come back to you without it bouncing off of anything?

Why did the little girl hit her birthday cake with a hammer?

Mrs. Jamie has 6 sons, and each of them has a sister. What is the total number of kids Mrs. Jamie have?

What did the rabbit say to his friend on Valentines Day?

I munch leaves from treetops but my feet never leave the ground. What am I?

What do you get when you cross a sub sandwich with the ocean?

A Japanese ship was sailing in the Ocean. The captain of the ship went for a bath. He removed his ring and kept it on the table near the engine. When he returned, he found his ring missing. The captain called all three crew members who were working around at that time. He asked them what they were doing during the last 20 minutes.

The 1st crew member said, “I was checking the navigation.
The 2nd crew member said, “I was intimating the people about our arrival.
The 3rd crew member said, “I was correcting the side of the flag as it was upside down.”
The captain caught the crew member who was lying. How?

Some people believe in me and others don’t. At night I roam around and sometimes I float. If you hear a troubled noise coming from the ground, go run and hide from my creepy sound. What am I?

I live upside down. I see with my ears and don’t use my eyes, and on Halloween I’ll give you a big surprise. Who am I?

Two friends have gone on a trip, but only friend A returns and says that friend B fell into the valley while trekking. The police came and arrested friend A a week later and said he’d murdered friend B. How did they know?

What’s red, white, and blue at Christmas time?

I don’t have lungs, but I need air.
The more I eat, the more I grow.
I dance, I live, I drink, I die.
I’m always hungry, ready to eat.
I rarely thirst, I can barely drink.
Shoot me, stab me I don’t mind.
Suffocate or drown me, I’ll be no more.

What do you throw out when you want to use it, but take in when you don’t want to use it?

Why do ghosts make good cheerleaders?

What do you call a storm of Pokemon?

What do you call a crab that doesn’t share his Valentine candy?

In a one-story house at the corner of the road, the bedrooms were yellow, the kitchen was orange, the living room was red, the garage was blue, the entry hall was green and the sitting room was purple. What color were the stairs?

An infinite number of mathematicians are standing behind a bar. The first asks the barman for half a pint of beer, the second for a quarter pint, the third an eighth, and so on. How many pints of beer will the barman need to fulfill all mathematicians’ wishes?

I’m an instrument through which sounds are made, and yet, not something that can be played. What am I?

Testimony of love, signifier of commitment. All it needs is a bottle of wine and a band that shines.

Why do witches buy magazines?

I am supposed to be said only once, or else I will be given away. I am fun if you hand me down. If you reveal me, I will no more be fun. What am I?

Can I call you Cinderella?

I have cities, but no houses. I have mountains, but no trees. I have water, but no fish. What am I?

What has to be broken before you can use it?